Tournaments & Weekly Events

We are Senpai (先輩)


Tournaments & Seasons (大会 - 季節)

We host tournaments and seasons with a focus on PVP games. Mainly fighting games, FPS game sports games. As we build our community, our tournaments will consist of mainly fighting games and sports games. We will always host our tournaments in Michigan for the convenience of our community. We offer CASH PRIZES for each game title we host; the more of YOU that play, the more CASH we pay! We need YOU to help us grow our community to provide a greater experience each time YOU come back to Join us!


The Gamer's Hustle

We are offering YOU, the gamer, an opportunity to turn your love, your passion, your pride and joy into a hustle. We want to put money in your pocket for playing the games you love. Our monthly tournaments will always fall upon the same timeline of one month apart. This gives you time to hone YOUR skills for the next tournament. We encourage YOU to come out and "get this money" in a environment that has a focus on socializing, competition and pure enjoyment. Join our community and become apart of the movement!


Who / What Is Senpai? (先輩)

Senpai is the Master, the champion of each title we host; the one who stands out above the rest. The title is respected, sought after and earned. There can only be one.


A Japanese honorific used in organizations, associations, clubs, businesses, and schools in Japan. It refers to someone that is older than you in age or they have more experience in a field than you do. The opposite being Kouhai.

It is also used as a troup in anime or manga. It is typical for a Kouhai to desperately seek their Senpai's attention but fails because their Senpai ignores them continuously.